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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is fifty-nine years old and lives alone with her rescue dog Hoyt in North Idaho, where she’s surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes and is, for the first time in her life, learning to thrive alone.

Six years ago, Elizabeth found herself widowed after 35 years of marriage. She’d married her husband John right out of college, so the shock of losing him was extremely great.

Then, last year, in the heart of winter, Elizabeth lost her beloved Mom to a very unexpected and vicious battle with bone marrow cancer. She and her Mom had lived together the past few years and had been very close throughout life, so losing her was deeply crushing.

But with great grit, determination, faith, effort, and lots and lots of love from her friends scattered around the globe, Elizabeth has spent the last year grappling with her newfound life, moving to a new state and home somewhere she’s never lived before and learning just who and what she’s all about.

(Elizabeth is a compilation of two close friends and their shared grief and loss experiences during their Midlife years. Their shared experiences have been combined and carefully crafted and condensed in letter form by Elizabeth.)

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