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What are Letters from Elizabeth™?

Letters From Elizabeth™ is a subscription service that sends thoughtfully penned, semi-monthly letters printed on high-quality paper from someone who can relate to how you're feeling in this next chapter of your life, help you feel connected, and lovingly guide you as you rediscover who you are as a 'party of one'.

Elizabeth composes 2 letters per month and each and every letter comes packed full of stories, insights, tips, tricks, recommendations for special products she’s personally tried and enjoyed, thought-provoking quotes and quips, occasional pieces of artwork, a good recipe every now and then- and the gift of loving, caring friendship tucked into every one.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll begin to see your life in an entirely new, beautiful and passionate way.

Elizabeth Addresses Topics Such As:

  • ● Self-care and the importance of.
  • ● Breaking old habits and making new, better ones.
  • ● Grief, loss, and transformation.
  • ● Intimacy and passion- of all sorts and in surprising ways.
  • ● Celebrating and honoring special occasions in a hard season.
  • ● Food and drink; cooking for one/nourishing yourself.
  • ● Reconnecting with your younger self/ - What does she have to teach you now?
  • ● The simple joys of life.
  • ● Solitude vs. Isolation and Loneliness vs. Freedom - Which will you choose?
  • ● Life in the garden and the lessons it teaches.
  • ● Solitary adventures.
  • ● Health, fitness, and beauty at this stage of life- yes, they matter!
  • ● Making a home for yourself/making yourself comfortable- yes, it still matters!
  • ● Books, movies and music to lift your heart.
  • ● A nest of one's own - What do you like? Do you even know? How to find out.

    It's Easy to Feel Connected from the Comfort of Your Home In Three Easy Steps

    1. 1. Subscribe to Letters From Elizabeth™: Each letter builds on the previous one and shares stories, advice, and encouragement.
    2. 2. Look Forward to the Letters Twice a Month: You can get excited knowing something meaningful rather than just junk mail will be arriving in your mailbox.
    3. 3. Feel Comforted as You Navigate Your New Reality: Having letters from a friend such as those from Letters From Elizabeth™ will help you feel connected, find joy and rediscover YOU.