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A letter from Elizabeth is a welcomed visitor who brings sweet friendship to a lonely person. Reading a letter is like receiving a message of love from an old dear friend or close compassionate sister who is always there to listen and offer support. Elizabeth's shared experiences give empathy and understanding to situations of those suffering from loss, grief, and loneliness. Readers are provided with advice and suggestions to help them move forward when times seem particularly gloomy. Her gentle, flowing words provide an entrance to a reflective and tranquil environment. Letters from Elizabeth are highly recommended because they bring smiles, spread joy, and lift heavy hearts.


Like the warmth of a dear, wonderful old friend’s hug receiving, reading, and rereading ’Letters from Elizabeth’ just soothes my soul. From the beautiful stationery and handwritten script to her tender words of encouragement, these letters bathe my tender raw spots with beautifully written prose, and the salve is intoxicating. These keepsake letters give me permission to take life a little more slowly and concentrate on my own fears, faith, and foibles through Elizabeth’s gifting of her own personal, private, thoughtful words. She entices the reader to take a look inside themself, through the writer's eyes, and come out feeling better for doing it. I can’t express enough how much these thought-provoking letters mean to me, personally. Enjoy the journey! 


My friend ordered these for me shortly after my husband passed and I truly love them. Every 2 weeks, I get another letter, and each time, there's something important in the content that touches me and is applicable to what I've been struggling with. Some months, the content is light, and other months, the letters deal with much more difficult subjects that no one seems to ever want to talk about where grief is concerned. But in each letter, Elizabeth speaks the truth and shares openly. I don't know her- but it's as though she knows me. It's truly a comfort to know I'm not alone in this struggle with loss and sadness. And I look forward to going to my mailbox now!' 


This is a gift for my sister-in-law, who lost her husband in 2012 and then her only child (son) just one year later in 2013. She will greatly benefit from your service. Thank you!


I am so glad I saw this on Dominique Sachse's show this morning. This is the perfect gift for my Mother. She is still grieving the loss of her Mother a few years ago and we recently lost my father. Her husband of 58 years.


I would like to subscribe for a dear close friend of mine who lost her husband to suicide just a few weeks ago. 


I love you guys already and am so grateful your unique service exists. I am grateful for Dominique Sachse for putting you on my radar.